Jun 20, 2018
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BiggBoss Telugu Season 2 episode 6

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BiggBoss Telugu Season 2 episode 6

The first five days of the show had entertaining stuff and today’s (June 15) episode. Big Boss Telugu Housemates choose Samrat as the first captain for this season.

Season 2 episode 6 highlights, the debate on who will be Eliminate amoung 16 contestants from the Big Boss House is between Samrat, Tejasvi, Deepthi and Tanish. Deepthi, Sunaina and Ganesh have seen discussing about the nominations(secretly) to elimination contestants from the biggboss house.

Nominations is in air currently in biggboss house. Among the 14 contestants because Samrat is safe as of this week as he is the captain for Biggboss House. Tejaswi, who failed the Secret Task has been nominated by the Biggboss and also lost the qualification to captain.

Another competitor was selling sambas and clothes for the sanaja .. Tasks for improving house mets .. After that, Bhanu Sree grabbed the grapes in the mouth and wei rai .. chai wai ra .. wherever you are wondering that the wilms are amazing. Finally Selling Chocolates Impressed House Mets Samrat.

In the Captain Task, Bhanu has done well, but most of the house mates are embarking on Samrat. Bigg Boss was given the first captain’s rank by giving him the highest points. This task is less than 140 points per season. Ganesh has 175 points. Bhanu Srikki has 380 points and Captain Samrat has 490 points. Big boss made special arrangements for Samrat, who chose the first boss of the Big Boss House. With the seperate room and the seperate treat, the hope of becoming the captain of the big boss house slowly began in celebrities.

In the 6th episode, Captain Task ‘Big Boss Mela’ failed to impress the audience. Plain silently. Nani is entering the 7 episode of tomorrow (Saturday). One of the six contenders in the Elimination Zone is exempted from the big boss’s house, who is interested in the one. Nani, who has not been impressed with the big boss Launch first episode, should see his natural acting in Shani and Aadi weeks.

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