Jun 12, 2018
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BiggBoss Telugu Season 2 Episode 2

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Telugu Bigg Boss Episode 2

Ganesh has been voted 5 times In Elimination Round by his fellow contestants: Telugu Bigg Boss The Season 2 is outcoming to be more entertaining than Biggboss season one. It’s grabbing attention with Natural Star Nani, The host and the pretty famous celebs as its contestants in the Bigg Boss game. The season’s episode 1 showed the faces of celebs & common people who are participants in the biggboss game, as the celebs got time to get to know each other very well. Episode 2 was all about the interaction between the celebs, common people.

The commoners Model Sanjana and Nutan Naidu has faced to jail as they were nominated by the biggboss seasons 2 contestants. Telugu Bigg Boss episode 2 started commoner Sanjana expressing her distress to Nutan over focused to jailed on the very first day of the biggboss show and also about the presence of celebrities and comman man in the house. Sanjana expresses to Nutan Naidu that she has no idea about Kireeti’s appearnces in movies and have not seen Deepthi Sunaina anytime.

The Hyderabad Rap Singer Roll Rida brings out his rap talent and entertains with his rap songs.

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