Jun 22, 2018
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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Latest Episode

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Bigg Boss Telugu season 2 episode 12

Bigg Boss Telugu season 2  latest episode – Among the 16 housemates Deepthi Nallamothu and Nutan were subjected to punishment by Bigg boss and were asked to be in jail until Bigg boss order. Model & Actor Kaushal asked Actor Tanish that if had a negative remark of him to his question, Tanish said him that “You behaviour in the season starting two days gave him some kind of negative vibes.”

Some contestants were enjoying by singing folk songs. Singer Geetha Madhuri informed to Bigg Boss that she did not find any efforts from Rajakumari team in the given task where as Maharaja team efforts were good.

Kaushal asked Tanish that as he gonna nominate himself to contest as a captain of Biggboss House. Because, Kaushal wanna nomiate himself for the captian contest seeks his support for it.
Kireeti in a conversation with Babu says – what Deepthi Nallamothu (Maharani) and Nutan (Maharaja) did throughout the task. Bhanu pointed that Kaushal is seeking support for his captaincy just to evade elimination.

Bigg Boss team declared that Rajakumari team won the luxury budget task. Bigg Boss released Nutan and Deepthi Nallamothu.

Tanish and Tejaswi in a conversation discussing about Kaushal and his captaincy campaign. Looks like Kaushal is eager to be Bigg boss house captian. He also insisted Geetha, Bhanu and others to prefer him as the captain.
Geetha mentioned that Tejaswi leaked something about Kaushal. As always, Tejaswi did not accepts the fact talking about captaincy campaign of Kaushal. They both argued for sometime. Tejaswi was not happy with Bhanu for smearing the kitchen.

Bigg Boss Congratulated Rajakumari team for the winning the task and also awarded a 1600 points. In a letter by Bigg Boss, Geetha was permitted to utilize the luxury budget. Bigg Boss also announced that the Luxury budget can be shared with other inmates to share the budget if the winning team didn’t mind sharing.

Deepti Sunaina in conversation with Bhanu said – She feels Bhanu is turning passive gradually.’ To which Bhanu did not agreed and notified Sunaina few incidents that miffed her. Being the captain of the Bigg boss house Samrat orders restricted housemates from kitchen. Samrat said this on as it was asked by Tanish and Tejaswi. Not happy with such order Bhanu asks a explanation.

Comedian Vennela Kishore, Known for his Comedy timing entered the Bigg Boss house. First Celebrity to enter Bigg boss house in season 2, they come up to promoting their upcoming release. He asked the contestants for a favour. He seeks housemates help in changing the behaviour of his actor Srinivasa Reddy (who is behaving like a girl currently due which is a character in his upcoming flim). Inmates welcomes Srinivasa Reddy into the Bigg boss house. He behaves to be a girl. Bigg Boss welcomed Srinivas Reddy and Vennela Kishore as well. Srinivasa Reddy and Vennela Kishore entertained the inmates talking about various moments in the episodes so far.

The Rapper Roll Rida and contestants rapped on the Bigg Boss Telugu song for both their guests. Srinivasa Reddy mentioned about the social media craze the inmates are enjoying outside the house and also the trolls of each contestants. Vennela Kishore asked Bigg Boss to consider Srinivasa Reddy for the next season.

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