Jun 14, 2018
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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Episode 4

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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Episode 4

Biggboss telugu second season first task ‘Cheppandi Prabhu’.


16 Biggboss house contestants are divided into teams, each team has eight members
One team named as ‘Yajamani Team'(King), and the other team named ‘Sevakulu Team’
The task rules are – Biggboss house work holds like cooking , cleaning , sweaping everything should be done by Sevakulu Team. Not only works associated to Biggboss house, The Sevakula Team has to obey the orders of Yajamani Team.
Yajamani Team has full powers to get there work done by the selected team member from Sevakula Team. If Yajamani Team likes the work of Sevak team, they have to option to appreciate there efforts by liking them a thumbs up (LIKE), In case if Yajamani Team does not like the work then Sevak team gets a thumbs down(DISLIKE).

Yajamni team super likes the Sevak Team’s work, they can award him/her with Heart. The LIKE, DISLIKE, HEART has some points like

  • LIKE gives them 5 points
  • HEART gives them 10 points and
  • DISLIKE gives them negative three points i.e. -3.


The Sevakalu group did not lose the solidarity, but where as Sanjana’s group is experiencing Likes and Dislikes points. While Tejaswi, Taneesh, Samrat, and Ganesh are having a comparable sentiment, Kaushal and Sanjana are communicating one supposition. Deepthi Sunaina is remaining quiet. In the workers’ group, everybody is impartial about Nuthan Naidu. They have a feeling that Nuthan Naidu isn’t acting naturally yet playing the amusement with a procedure. Kaushal and Sanjana are despondent with the Yajamani team members in treating the Sevakalu.


Sanjana and Kaushal has some cool ideas to make this task entertaining so both come up with an idea to organize a Jambalakdi-Pamba fashion show in Bigg Boss house. The boys from Sevak team are asked to dress as women, and the girls from Sevak team were asked to dress as man. As Babu Gogineni has his own principle so, restricted himself from participating in the show as Fashion Shows and the same thing he conveyed to the Sevak team members.

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