Jun 22, 2018
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Bigg boss telugu 2018 review

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Bigg boss telugu 2018 review for the second week

Bigg boss telugu season 2 is on the air, 2 weeks of this season and it is noticed that this season does not impress the telugu audience when compared to the first season.
Reasons for not creating an impact to telugu audience :

1. Usage of English lang – As far as the audience concern, the housemates are always been speaking in English which are against the Bigg boss house rule. Bigg boss repeated reminds the contestants to talk in telugu & do not use the English language but no one is concerned.

2. Groups – In biggboss house with in the 2nd week it is noticed that the contestants are forming small group and staying in there comfort zone.

3. Entertainment – One must agree with the fact that, first season of Telugu biggboss was damn high in Entertainment wise, participants like Hariteja, Dhanraj, Mumaith Khan, Kalpana, Kathi Karthika , Shiva Balaji, etc made in impact with entertainment angles. Now, we dont feel that kind of entertainment as being delivered with the season 2 contestants.

We can only hope for a wild Card Entry Like Navdeep does in the first season with whole entertainment package. One who can bring back the entertainment level of the biggboss house as the first biggboss season 1. Also looking for some good & fully energetic & entertainment tasks.

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