Jun 10, 2018
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Bigg Boss 2018 – Episode 1 : Nani introduces the surprise contestants of Bigg Boss 2

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Finally Started BIGG BOSS 2 Telugu, Hosted by Nani Rocking in Bigg Boss season 2

11:13 PM: The third common and the final contestant of Bigg Boss season 2 is Nutan Naidu.

(16.Nutan Naidu: Common Man)

11:08 PM: Bigg Boss 2 housemate no. 15 is Sanjana Anne, yet another chosen commoner for the second season. Sanjana, a model and Miss Hyderabad peagent winner, hails from Vijayawada. Tejaswi is all excited to welcome Sanjana into the Bigg Boss house.

(15.Sanjana Anne: She is a Model)

10:45 PM: Nani introduces the surprise of Bigg Boss 2 – Ganesh, the chosen commoner to participate in the show. Ganesh, an engineer graduate and Radio Jockey from Vijayawada, is welcomed into the show with an entertaining introductory audio visual. Deepthi Nallmothula welcomes Ganesh, her Vijayawada inhabitant and introduces him to the inmates as the common man.

(14.Ganesh: Radio Jockey in Vijayawada)

10:51 PM: Actor Samrat Reddy enters Bigg Boss second season with a dance performance. He along with his cricketing talent is introduced to the viewers. Tanish welcomes Samrat into the house.

(13. Actor Samrat, who was in news earlier this year after his wife lodged a complaint on alleged dowry harassment and robbery at her home, is now going to get more attention with his presence in Big Boss house.)

10:46 PM: As Bigg Boss housemate no. 12, Nani welcomes actress Tejaswi Madivada. Without much delay, Tejaswi is sent into the Bigg Boss house. Tanish welcomes her into the house, followed by other inmates. Knowing her cooking talent, Geetha asks Tejaswi to start to cook for them. Geetha also misspells Tejaswi’s name.

(12.Model turned actress Tejaswi Madivada will surely grab the eyeballs of audience with her presence in the show. She is popular for her sidekick roles in several films in recent times.)

10:42 PM: Model turned actor Kaushal makes a grand entry into Bigg Boss house. He enters Bigg Boss house on an optimistic note. He is keen upon the gym in the house.

(11.Kaushal : Telugu Serials Actor, suryavamsam serial)

10:36 PM: Nani welcomes “Instagram Star” Deepthi Sunaina who enters Bigg Boss house as the tenth contestant. Nani inquires Deepthi’s age and then checks her proficiency in Telugu. Deepthi cutely hugs Nani and enters the Bigg Boss house. Geetha Madhuri and Bhanu Sree are the first ones to welcome Deepthi.

(10.Deepthi Sunaiana is a promising short film actress who is hugely popular across social media platforms for her viral videos.)

10:23 PM: Actor Kireeti Damaraju is announced as Bigg Boss contestant No. 09. Nani calls him ” Official Pellikoduku of TFI” because of the roles he played. In his AV, Kireeti hopes that Bigg Boss show shines his decision making ability. As he enters the Bigg Boss house, Kireeti checks if it is air-conditioned.

(9.Kireeti Damaraju : Character artist Kireeti Damaraju who appeared in Mental Madhilo, Uyyala Jampala, Vunnadi Okkate Zindagi has been finalized as the contestant for Big Boss 2.)

10:18 PM: Anchor Syamala is the eighth contestant in the Bigg Boss house. Syamala shares that she was apprehensive to contest in Bigg Boss 2. However, with the support of her husband Syamala enters Bigg Boss house with a promise to make Ishaan, her 11 month old son proud. She is welcomed by Bigg Boss inmates.

(8.Shyamala : Young and good looking Shyamala who is one of most sought after anchors in Tollywood at present will also vie with other contestants in the house.)

10:12 PM: Singer and rapper Rahul Kumar, popularly known as ‘Roll Rida’ is introduced as the seventh contestant of Bigg Boss season 2. He makes an entry with a rocking song performance along with actress Mumaith Khan. He explains the origin of his name. He talks about his objective in Bigg Boss 2 through an entertaining rap.

(7.Roll Rida : Rahul Kumar aka Roll Rida is a talented rap singer who worked on several albums and many hit songs in Tollywood. The Hyderabad based singer has been roped in as one of the participants.)

10:00 PM: With a performance to Jigel Rani (from Rangasthalam), Bhanu Sree makes an entry as contestant no. 6 into Bigg Boss 2.
Nani reveals that she played the body double for ‘Avanthika’ role (essayed by Tamannaah) in Baahubali. Bhanu talks about her cooking talent. Bigg Boss inmates welcome her.

(6.Bhanu as a Avanthika’ role (essayed by Tamannaah) in Baahubali)

9:52 PM: Nani introduces human rights activist Babu Gogineni as the fifth contestant in Bigg Boss 2. In the special audio visual, Babu and his wife are sharing few facts of their personal lives. Nani calls his AV as the “sweetest AV” of this show. Babu requested audience to start voting for his eviction. Babu enters the Bigg Boss house greeting the Bigg Boss.

(5.Babu Gogineni : Here comes the biggest surprise of all. Human rights activist Babu Gogineni, who has become very popular in audience for his rational opinions on religion, god and superstitions, is among the contestants of Big Boss. He is surely going to make the house more exciting with his logical statements.)

9:42 PM: Housemate No: 4 makes a grand entry with a song performance. He is none other than Tanish. Nani shares the bond he has with Tanish. He pushes Tanish into the Bigg Boss house. He is welcomed by the other three contestants.

(4.Tanish : One more familiar face in the list of contestants is young actor Tanish. Despite not having decent hits under his belt, Tanish managed to remain in public eye for his cameo roles in low budget films.)

9:36 PM: Actor-RJ-Journalist Deepthi Nallamothu is the third contestant in the Bigg Boss 2. Her entry is followed by her special audio visual.

(3.Deepthi ( TV9 anchor) : One of the surprises of Big Boss this year is the presence of noted TV9 anchor Deepthi who is known to audience as a popular news host.)

9:26 PM: Nani welcomes the second contestant of the season 2 – actor Amit Tiwari who makes an entry with My Name is Billa song. Amit introduces his wife to the viewers. He explains his reason to enter BB2, hugs his little ones and enters the Bigg Boss house. He is greeted by Geetha Madhuri.

(2. Another well known participants of Big Boss is Amit Tiwari who played prominent character roles in many big ticket films.)

9:22 PM: In conversation with Geetha, Nani pulls her legs and makes fun of her husband Nandoo. He welcomes her into the show. Geetha Madhuri is seen entering the Bigg Boss house.

 (1.Geetha Madhuri: Very well popular as singer who lent vocals to numerous chartbuster songs of present generation, Geetha Madhuri is going to be one of the known faces in the house of Big Boss.)

9:20 PM: Nani is back into the studio. He starts welcoming the housemates. The first to enter is playback singer Geetha Madhuri with her We Love Bad Boy song rendition.

9:15 PM: Bigg Boss’ voice summons Nani into the confession room, Bigg Boss wishes Nani all the best.

9:06 PM: Nani’s tour of Bigg Boss house begins with a statutory warning against smoking.

The first to see is a gym.

Nani show the viewers kitchen in the Bigg Boss house. On a buzzer, he enters the store room. A tea glass is placed in the room. Nani takes a sip and shows it to the camera.

He shows the huge dining table in the house. He takes a mention of a scene in Venkatesh’s Malleswari movie. On seeing the opulent bedroom, he reminisces his hostel days in Vijayawada. There is no partition between the beds in this season.

Nani shows us the night vision camera.

9:00 PM: “Natural Star” Nani makes a grand pompous entry with his Middle Class Abbayi song (from MCA) intro. He performs to a medley of his songs (Bhale Bhale Magadivoy, Side Side Please). He is welcomed by the crowd in the house

Nani show the viewers kitchen in the Bigg Boss house. On a buzzer, he enters the store room. A tea glass is placed in the room.

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